Mentoring Day Feedback

27th November was the day for the new style pupil mentoring and the feedback from this day indicates that meetings between pupils, parents and form tutors were very beneficial.  Thank you to parents who were able to attend these meetings.  We would like to receive your feedback on this method of communicating with you. 

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NATO Visitors

The Secretary of State for Wales Stephen Crabb MP visited the school on Wednesday. The pupils had a healthy debate with our visitors, especially Jacob Peterson and Jamie Parsons, on NATO's role in conflict and moral questions about bringing democracy to countries like Iraq.

He presented the school with the official NATO Commemorative Coin, which will be displayed in the school as a souvenir of the NATO Summit

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Summer Showcase 2014 & PERFORMING ARTS RE-UNION

The Summer Showcase is an annual event that is much enjoyed and has become known as an evening to remember with a display of the GCSE Art work, drama pieces and individual and group musical items giving a wonderful mixture of talents that is enjoyed by all. This year was a real treat. We were treated to a musical item of past pupils in addition to our current pupils as we celebrate our 40th Birthday. This was an emotional reunion and added a really special start to our birthday celebrations.

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Year 11 Prom of 2014

Friday 20th June saw one of the best ever Year 11 Proms. Over 110 pupils attended the event at the Hilton Hotel in Newport. The event was so special and is something they will remember for the rest of their lives.

All those who attended made an extra special effort in their appearance – girls wore dresses of every colour of the rainbow, the boys wore suits and tuxedos – they all looked so smart and proud. After they had arrived in cars such as Jaguars, Porches, Bentley's, Limousines, they all danced the night away. A Prom King and Queen were awarded – Lewis White and Bianka Czokoly. They both looked amazing on the night and thoroughly deserved these awards – all of the other pupils agreed with this if their spontaneous round of applause was to go by! A special thank you was given to Mrs Perkins for her hard work in organizing the event.

Sophie Noble, 11RS said….. "The Prom definitely met my expectations! If it wasn't Mr Stroud's dancing or watching Mr James attempt to do the Macarena, it was the fact that we were all together for the last time, which is what made it so special. I can honestly say prom was the best night of my life and if I could relive it, I'd do it in a heartbeat!"

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